Parker valve FAQS

QWhat's the Parker solenoid valve type?

A1. Direct acting solenoid valve: Principle: when energized, the solenoid coil generates electromagnetic force to lift the closing part from the valve seat and open the valve; when de energized, the electromagnetic force disappears, and the spring presses the closing part on the valve seat, and the valve closes. Features: it can work normally in vacuum, negative pressure and zero pressure, but the diameter is generally not more than 25 mm. 2. Distributed direct acting solenoid valve: Principle: it is a combination of direct acting and pilot type. When there is no pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet, the electromagnetic force directly lifts the small pilot valve and the main valve closing piece upward one by one and opens the valve after being powered on. When the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet reaches the starting pressure, the small solenoid pilot valve will increase the pressure in the lower chamber of the main valve and decrease the pressure in the upper chamber after being powered on, so as to push the main valve upward by using the pressure difference; when the power is off, the pilot valve will use the spring force or the medium pressure to push the closure piece and move downward to close the valve. Features: it can also act under zero pressure difference, vacuum or high pressure, but it has high power, so it must be installed horizontally. 3. Pilot solenoid valve: Principle: when energized, the electromagnetic force opens the pilot hole, and the pressure in the upper chamber drops rapidly. A high and low pressure difference is formed around the closing piece. The fluid pressure pushes the closing piece to move upward, and the valve opens. When the power is cut off, the spring force closes the pilot hole, and the inlet pressure quickly forms a low and high pressure difference around the closing piece through the bypass hole. The fluid pressure Force the closure down to close the valve. Features: the upper limit of fluid pressure range is high.

QWhat's the Features of Parker solenoid valve

AI. the fluid in the applicable pipeline must be consistent with the medium calibrated in the selected solenoid valve series model. The temperature of the fluid must be less than the calibration temperature of the selected solenoid valve. The allowable liquid viscosity of solenoid valve is generally below 20cst, and it shall be noted if it is greater than 20cst. 2. The reliability solenoid valve is divided into two types: normally closed and normally open. Generally, it is normally selected as normally closed, energized and de energized. However, it is necessary to select normally open type when the opening time is very long and the closing time is very short. As for the life test, the factory generally belongs to the type test item. T 3. The safety general solenoid valve is not waterproof. If the condition is not allowed, please select waterproof type, which can be customized by the factory. The maximum rated nominal pressure of the solenoid valve must exceed the maximum pressure in the pipeline, otherwise the service life will be shortened or other unexpected conditions will occur. 4. Many solenoid valves can be used in economy, but the most economical products should be selected on the basis of meeting the above three points.

QWhat's the Features of Rexroth pump?

A1) the flow of the pump is directly proportional to the speed and displacement of the pump, and the displacement can be adjusted steplessly by adjusting its swashplate angle. 2) coaxial structure can form combined pump 3) position constrained return structure 4) spherical distribution, plunger arranged around the main shaft 5) stepless variable 6) excellent suction capacity 7) short control time 8) low noise 9) long life 10) excellent power / weight ratio 11) modular design Rexroth oil pump in the application of pavement machinery covers roller, paver, pavement cooler and heater equipment, and pavement machinery.

QHow to adjust Rexroth pump?

A1) swashplate axial piston variable displacement pump for open hydraulic rotation circuit 2) mainly used in the field of walking machinery 3) the pump works under the condition of self-priming, mailbox pressurization or with built-in oil suction pump (centrifugal pump). 4) the output flow is proportional to the driving speed, and can change steplessly between the maximum value and zero value. 5) multiple controls to meet different operation requirements 6) the power control can be adjusted externally even when the pump is running. 7) the pump series plunger pump has coaxial drive, whih can be connected in series with gear pump and axial plunger pump of the same specification to achieve through shaft drive. 8) high power characteristics of Rexroth hydraulic pump High pressure, technical silence, low dispatch, smooth operation, radial and plunger compensation, high power, superior suction, wide application range of actuation oil, flow range from 0.35cc-500cc, can be used in multiple connection.